World Beyond War Central Florida

World Beyond War Central Florida is led by Alan Mytty in The Villages.

Show your support for our local high school students in The Villages on March 24 at the “March for Our Lives”!

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 @ 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Where: Lake Sumter Landing, Town Square, The Villages, FL 32162

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Why? In solidarity with “March for Our Lives” events happening in Washington, DC and across the country, local high school students initiated a sister march in The Villages. On March 24, we will take to the streets to demand an end to gun violence and mass shootings. Additionally, World Beyond War aims to raise awareness about the link between gun violence and military recruitment in schools. The recent Florida shooter was a trained marksman in his school’s taxpayer-funded JROTC program. Bring these signs!

For more information about World Beyond War Central Florida, contact Al at or 317-373-7355.


  1. Kathy Macaulay says:

    Anything planned near Delray Beach?

    • Sorry for not responding sooner. We had company and I was out of town for work. Could we set a time to talk?

  2. Cree ganMoryn says:

    Hi Alan, this is Cree ganMoryn. Great to see another like-minded person here abouts.

    • I’m hosting an organizational meeting at my house next week, March 16, if you’d be interested.


      Al Mytty

  3. Could we plan to talk sometime? I’d like to see if we could get some things organized.

  4. Coleen Ulrich says:

    All of these comments are dated 2017 ! Is anything going on in 2018?

  5. Yes!

    Please provide me with your contact information if you’d like to be on the email list. If you’d like, also give me a phone number so I can call you and find out what you’re interested in.

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