World Beyond War in Afghanistan

img_20160103_2113441Samira Abrar, our Country Coordinator for Afghanistan, is an Afghan researcher and activist. She is Executive Director of Roshna Social Organization, a newly established NGO dedicated to creating a strong, healthy, and economically viable Afghan community through advocacy and public awareness for constitutional rights, legal awareness, health promotion, youth empowerment, and economic development.

Completing LLB at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), one of the most-prestigious Universities in the country, Samira and a team from AUAF has represented Afghanistan in International moot courts held in Jordan, Bahrain, Hong Kong and International Criminal Court Moot in the Hague. She has also presented the real and inspiring picture of Afghanistan in international forums including at Stanford Law School.

At a young age, Samira’s career journey of working and contributing towards building a law-abiding community in Afghanistan started with Norwegian Refugee Council and continued with global multinational companies such as International Development Law Organization and Tetra Tech – Rule of Law Stabilization Program. She has also supported the broader mission of eliminating corruption in Afghanistan, working with the Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, an Afghan body which promotes anti-corruption practices across the country.

With a vision for a stable Afghanistan, Samira continues her advocacy and efforts to give voice to the silent majority of Afghans dreaming of a peaceful, tolerant, democratic, and beautiful Afghanistan.

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  1. She is inspiring and brave!

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