Watch Russia TV Try to Convince Me of the Need for U.S. Military Spending

by David Swanson, Let’s Try Democracy, July 21, 2021

This video clip starts out with the great Andy Worthington on GITMO, but due to a bad connection jumps quickly to me on the F-35. The RT host repeatedly tries to tell me that the U.S. military needs to spend money on weapons to defend the United States. I suggest scaling back U.S. militarism, and she pushes the “common sense” need for a strong U.S. military “defense.”

Youtube warns viewers that RT is funded by the Russian government. But the Russian government hires U.S. residents to talk on its U.S. television channel, including this former CNN host. And they all believe in the U.S. military and the mythology that saturates U.S. culture and “education.” The difference between RT and CNN is that RT will have me on even if I oppose militarism, even if I oppose Russian militarism, as long as I oppose something the U.S. government is doing, whereas since opposing U.S. militarism on CNN I’ve not been seen on CNN.

In the video below, the host ends the segment by simply saying goodbye, but if you watched it live, she actually ended it by lamenting how every time the United States reduces military spending it takes money away from the sacred Troops and not from the weapons companies. She left me no chance to reply to that and offered not one actual example of the U.S. reducing its military spending. I think she had even claimed earlier (also deleted) that the U.S. never had reduced its military spending.

The point is that the propaganda presented on CNN is actually believed by the people employed by CNN, and it stays with them even as they move on to jobs that don’t require it.

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