UK Supreme Court Rules UK Government Engaged in Terrorism

By Chris Coverdale, War is a Crime

An event occurred recently which may herald the end of Britain’s involvement in war. In a remarkable legal judgement the Supreme Court acknowledged that Parliament’s definition of terrorism appears to extend to the military activities of the UK Government[1].

“ action outside the United Kingdom which involves the use of firearms or explosives, resulting in danger to life … is terrorism… the definition would … appear to extend to military or quasi-military activity aimed at bringing down a foreign government, even where that activity is approved … by the UK Government.”

The implications of these statements are far-reaching and serious. As the Terrorism Act applies to every act of terrorism sponsored by Britain since 2000, it governs the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. As each of these illegal wars of aggression was aimed at bringing down a government and used high-explosive weapons that caused thousands of deaths, everyone involved is criminally liable for war crimes and acts of terrorism.

Primary responsibility for the terrorist acts that caused the deaths lies with those who ordered the use of firearms and explosives. So every MP, Peer, civil servant, lawyer, banker and military commander with a part in the wars is responsible for the consequences of their decisions and is liable for prosecution and punishment at a war crimes trial.

However as well as those who start or fight a war, those who fund it also commit crimes[2] and are liable for the consequences.  This implies that every taxpayer who paid tax after October 2001 committed crimes and can be prosecuted under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Similar principles apply to the International Criminal Court Act 2001. Section 52 stipulates that a person commits a crime if they aid and abet war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide. Aiding and abetting a crime includes the provision of the money that funds the crime. As HM Forces’ use of firearms and explosives resulted in the deaths of Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian nationals and fulfilled the elements of these crimes[3], all UK taxpayers are criminally liable for prosecution as accessories to our leaders’ crimes.

Luckily the international legislators realised that the public are easily deceived into taking part in illegal wars, so they added the following clause into the international law[4] to enable those citizens, who mistakenly think they are acting lawfully, to avoid prosecution.

However, a person who abandons the effort to commit the crime or otherwise prevents the completion of the crime shall not be liable for punishment under this Statute for the attempt to commit that crime if that person completely and voluntarily gave up the criminal purpose.

If you discover that you have been misled, you can avoid prosecution if you act now to stop the crimes by withholding all taxes from public authorities or diverting them into a trust. Providing you sign a public declaration stating that you have recently discovered that wars of aggression are illegal and it is a crime to fight in, or pay taxes for an illegal war, and you hereby withdraw your consent to all illegal orders and laws requiring you to take part in war or pay tax, you will not be liable for punishment under the Rome Statute[5].

Please note however that this reprieve from prosecution does not apply to the politicians, civil servants, lawyers, bankers, advisors and military commanders who took leading parts in planning, supporting or funding Britain’s illegal wars. Each of these individuals is criminally liable for the massacres and atrocities that injured and killed thousands and displaced millions in the Middle East, and each is now liable to be arrested indicted and tried for their crimes at the Old Bailey or the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

So this is a call to all taxpayers to obey the laws against funding war and to disobey orders to pay tax.  By withholding all payments [taxes, fees, fines, loans] from public authorities [HMR&C, Councils, Universities, Businesses] we can force Parliament and HM Government to obey the law, stop their wars, recall the troops and start war crimes trials of those responsible for the deaths of Afghani, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian men women and children.

Without money raised by taxation to pay for the weapons and troops to fight wars they will stop within days. Once a court of competent jurisdiction confirms that the wars and killings have ended and Parliament and HM Government are acting in accordance with the UN Declaration on Principles of International Law, tax and other payments can be resumed.

For the first time in history individual and business taxpayers are obliged to withhold taxes or risk being sent to prison. So let’s grab this unique opportunity with both hands and join in lawful international tax rebellion until the wars have ended, leading war criminals are facing war crimes trials and Governments are acting in accordance with international law.

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