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The 1967 Treaty of Tlatelolco establishing a nuclear weapon free zone in Latin America and the Caribbean was truly historic. Predating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, it pointed the way toward the achievement of a world free of nuclear weapons. And in the meantime it immeasurably increased the security of the countries in the zone, their neighbors, the United States and Canada, and the world, by erecting a strong barrier to the spread of nuclear weapons.

–Initiated by: Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, World Beyond War. To be delivered in person in Mexico City on February 14, 2017, by Jackie Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation.

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  1. The world is at risk of nuclear confrontation as it is, lets not add any more weapons that increase the risk of destroying the planet and most life on it.

  2. While a great majority of countries wish to see the nuclear weaponry dismantled, and stocked in a very safe and well protected/guarded location, the US keeps challenging militarily THE country, RUSSIA, that is best equipped to answer to the US’ repetitious and totally wrong provocations along the Russian borders… And in the Middle East there’s another warring country that has illegally and therefore secretly built a huge nuclear bomb stock, besides having threatened the European capital cities of destroying them if ever the said country is attacked by the enemies it has made since 1948, and feels it’s going to lose that war without the support of the Europeans. It’s high time that the UN is globally supported into creating and enforcing a real anti-nuclear program for the sake of the only humankind that we are and know of.

  3. The move the money campaign sponsored by NJ Peace Action. Bloomfield New Jersey. Let’s trim the military budget by at least 25% to fund projects here at home!

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