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Abolish War Campaign

We are developing a strategy to end all war and all preparedness for war and all armaments. Contact us with your ideas, projects, and campaigns. Please do this: Find someone who believes that war cannot or should not be entirely ended. Ask

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Introduction To World Beyond War

All individuals and organizations, all over the world, are invited to sign a statement in support of ending all war, and to join in the planning of a new movement to be launched on September 21, 2014. This is the

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War Endangers Us

Related posts. As the world’s top war maker — always in the name of “defense” — the United States demonstrates well that war is counterproductive on its own terms. A December 2014 Gallup poll of 65 nations found the United

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War Erodes Our Liberties

Related posts. We’re often told that wars are fought for “freedom.” But when a wealthy nation fights a war against a poor (if often resource-rich) nation halfway around the globe, among the goals is not actually to prevent that poor

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