‘Royal Blood’ Will Cover St. Paul’s Cathedral Ahead of Coronation Day

By 6 Hillgrove, March 18, 2023

Ahead of Coronation the blood from victims of the war in Afghanistan will be projected onto St Paul’s Cathedral. Former Soviet soldier Andrei Molodkin has been working with Afghan refugees from his artistic space in the South of France to fill the acrylic sculpture with blood.

The sculpture ‘Royal Blood’ has been filled with 1,250 millilitres of blood. Molodkin is calling for others who want to donate their blood to fill the sculpture, outside St. Paul’s. The blood will be taken on-site by a registered nurse and poured into the sculpture of the Royal coat of arms. A system of medical pipes, pumps, compressors and fridges will help to maintain a constant flow of blood into the sculpture. Cameras will film the process and project the Royal coat of arms filled with Afghan blood on St. Pauls.

Y.M. from Kandahar (blood donor): “War is a business and the poor are expendable in this business model. For years the British have put profits before pain and budgets before bloodshed”.
Andrei Molodkin says: “All governments have blood on their hands. I am asking for blood to stop war and violence. Now we can only trust in art to reveal the truth”.

The artwork by Andrei Molodkin is part of a series that focuses on the Afghan war. Molodkin is currently working with video game developers and former drone pilots to create a war computer game.

Andrei Molodkin made headlines with his previous artwork ‘Putin Filled with the Blood of Ukrainian Soldiers’, which was created using the blood of Molodkin’s Ukrainian co-workers before they went to fight. The families of the soldiers are continuing to seek refuge in his space in the South of France.

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