Peter Ongera

Peter Ongera, World Beyond War’s Country Coordinator for South Sudan and a member of the WBW Coordinating Committee, is  a positive social entrepreneur and consultant who believes that Africa can eradicate wars through sustainable social investing in education and skills (especially information technology) transfer and partnerships with  companies, governments, and communities. He is convinced that conflicts and wars in Africa are targeted at exploiting the continent’s natural and human tools and resources. As a capacity building/training consultant and volunteer — with the United Nations (UNDP/UNV and UNESCO Club Movement), and Marquette University (U.S.A.), Peter has proven capacity for innovative leadership and a keen interest in local and international affairs. He has participated in  a number of international exchange programs with the Ship for World Youth (Japan), Jeanne Sauve Youth Foundation (Canada), Les Aspin Center for Government (U.S.A.), WECREATE, Business In Development (BID) Network and Minnesota Students for International Development (U. S. A.). As a freelance journalist, he contributes to a number of national and international press and has traveled to Denmark, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, crossed the Suez Canal, Greece, Switzerland, Netherlands, U.S.A.,  Canada, Uganda, Tanzania, U.A.E, and France.

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