People of Czech Republic Oppose U.S. Base

10 arguments against the US radar


  1. By sitting the US radar base here, we would become an instrument of unilateral American foreign policy that is seeking world hegemony. The US would retain exclusive command and administration of the anti-missile defence operations.
  2. The planned US radar would become part of a continuously developing global system of US missile defence, built on-shore, off-shore, in the air, and in outer space. This  network of radars, satellites, (anti)missiles disturbs the world’s strategic balance of power, increasing international tension and even provoking a new arms race that threatens to be carried into outer space.
  3. The intended American radar would be part of a system that will enable the US to attack other countries without fear of retaliation.
  4. The radar is a security risk; potentially a primary target in the event of a conflict between ballistic missiles owning states.
  5. Negotiations concerning the radar contravene democratic principles. The inclusion of the CR into the US system of missile defence is being promoted by a handful of politicians against the will of the majority. The efforts of the population to express their opinion on such a serious matter, either through elections or referendum, are continually being thwarted.
  6. We do not know the impacts of such high-powered radar; whether it concerns the health of humans or nature in general.
  7. There are no joint commitments binding us to build the radar. This would be a completely new bilateral agreement between the USA and the CR. The radar will not be integrated into any NATO structures.
  8. The Czech Republic would in effect give away full sovereignty of a part of its territory.
  9. Our place is in Europe. Neighbouring states such as Slovakia or Austria oppose the radar. Over-emphasising any “transatlantic ties” retards the independent progress of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union, which is being deliberately bypassed by both the Czechs and the US.
  10. The treaty with the US is detrimental for CR. The agreement on the radar was drawn up with no termination date specified; CR cannot in effect withdraw from it without causing a rift with the USA. In the agreement, the CR gives up the right to appeal to international institutions to ensure US adherence to the clauses of the treaty. The American side was given the right to modernise the radar and so change the parameters of its capacity.

2 Responses

  1. We–the USA–needs to quit meddling in foreign countries. We need to quit starting and waging wars of aggression. We need to DEFEND our own Country starting at our own borders.We need to abandon nation building and hegemony. We need to mind our own business. We need to prosecute our own War Criminals. We need to take the profit out of wars and prosecute our own corrupt political figures. We need to restore our Constitution and Bill of Rights and abolish the Patriot Act and the other related knee jerk freedom robbing illegal legislation. Restore FREEDOM and Liberty in our own Country.

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