Peace Songs

Terp, Holger: Introduction to Peace Songs: A documented playlist over 100 years of music: Collected and documented by Holger Terp, The Danish Peace Academy July 2014
New world war one songbook
Work in progress:
Danish and English peace songbook, 700 pp.
Greenham Common Peace Camps Songbooks
Online Songbook:
As part of the UN Peace Culture Decade 2000-2010 the Peace Academy, publishes a series of songs about war and peace from different cultures. The main focus of the songs is written and composed after the First World War. There are some factual information and sources to the songs, but not literary analysis. Provisions of additional information about songs, sources, authors, composers and recordings are received with thanks. The same applies to proposals for new songs in the songbook.
Terp, Holger: Aint gonna study war no more / Down by the riverside. A discussion on the age of the song

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