Peace for the Korean Peninsula: Candle Action in Nagoya City

Global candle action for Korea in Nagoya City, Japan, March 31 2018
Global candle action for Korea in Nagoya City, Japan, March 31 2018

By Joseph Essertier, March 31, 2018

Not only Koreans who live in Japan but also many Japanese—far more than one would think after watching a few hours of TV programs about North Korea—are yearning for an end to the Korean War. Peace is popular! Our global candlelight solidarity action in Nagoya demonstrated that. It is one thing to understand this from polls, and quite another to see the evidence in the wide-open eyes, the tears in the eyes of some Koreans and Japanese, the loud clapping, and the enthusiasm on the faces of the many passersby who stop to listen on a Saturday night, when they probably need to finish their shopping before the stores close (at 8 PM in Nagoya) or they are on their way to enjoy the evening with friends or family.

Japanese are curious about the history of Japan-Korea relations. They even want to know about the violence committed against Koreans by the former Empire of Japan (1868-1947) and the country that continues to use much of their land for violence in other countries through its military bases (i.e., “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world, my own Government. I cannot be silent.”). Peace is possible. Peace is popular. Remember the three Ps:  Peace, Possible, Popular.

Video of the March 31 global candle action in Nagoya City is available here:

朝鮮半島に平和を Globalキャンドルアクション(名古屋・栄)

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