New Peace Billboard Goes Up in California

By Bob McKechnie and Dari Hetherman, Chapter Coordinators, California for a World BEYOND War, October 6, 2022

The California chapter of World BEYOND War is pleased to announce that our first World BEYOND War billboard is up in California! The billboard is located off the Interstate 10 freeway at Gene Autry Trail in the Coachella Valley.

For the next two months, travelers to Palm Springs from Los Angeles will be reminded of the immense financial costs of war, and what tremendous potential for good exists if we change our misguided spending priorities by even a small percentage.

A big THANK-YOU to everyone who has donated to our California billboard campaign! If you’d still like to contribute—or contribute again!—you can donate to WBW here. We want to spread this message to many areas of the state!

6 Responses

  1. This is a good investment at a time when the nation needs to address the drought in California with effective long-term solutions; new reservoirs are badly needed, as well as small hydro-power that can be partially complemented with solar energy, just as they are doing in China.

  2. the national priorities need to consider the ongoing long-term drought. instead of war, new dams, hydropower, and reservoirs, we are funding war. high speed rail is decades behind. guess who is forging ahead with solar-power-working-in-tandem-with-dams? thanks wbw.

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