New Essay Contest

Students entering must be living in and attending school in Minnesota at time of contest.

If you’re not in Minnesota, please alert anyone there whom you know, and feel free to enter this other, similar contest which is open to you.

August 27. 2015 — The day the Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed in 1928 to Outlaw War


The Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, a coalition of over 70 peace and justice organizations throughout the state, is pleased to announce topics and guidelines for its first annual peace essay contest for Minnesota high school juniors and seniors.

The essay contest is open to all high school juniors and seniors, living in Minnesota at the time of the contest. Three scholarships will be awarded: first prize–$1000; second prize–$750; third prize–$500.

Essay must be the student’s original work, 800-1000 words long, and word-processed. It must not have been published elsewhere or submitted to other contests, and a teacher, youth leader, or parent must sign a statement on the application form, confirming that the essay is the student’s original work. Essays will be judged on originality, depth, and clarity. Do provide definitions, examples, and reasons to

Support your ideas. Please proofread and edit carefully.

Winners will be invited to speak at the Alliance annual celebration November 10, where the prizes will be awarded.   AND NOW THE TOPICS. Choose one of these to help organize your thinking and writing:

What does peace and justice mean to you? Use your definition to implement peace and justice locally, in your school or community.

Describe a compassionate plan for social change. How can compassion improve your community or make for a better world?

Identify one or more root causes of conflict. Describe ways to resolve conflict, locally or internationally.

Address questions, comments, or requests for application forms to Larry Johnson.                       phone: 612 747-3904

DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON YOUR ESSAY. If sending by regular mail, attach the ESSAY CONTEST ENTRY FORM with paperclip to the essay, send to Larry Johnson, Box 27314, Golden Valley, Mn, 55427, postmarked no later than October 15, 2015.  If submitting by email, send the essay and essay contest entry form as two attachments, in the same email, no later than 11:59 p.m. October 15, 2015.






ENTRY FORM for 2015 Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers Peace Essay Contest


Student Name _________________________________________________________________________


Title of Essay __________________________________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________________________


Grade ____________ Age __________ Phone _______________ Email ___________________________


School and City ________________________________________________________________________



I am providing my signature below to verify that I wrote the attached essay. The words, ideas, and writing are my own. My essay has not been submitted for any other contest or publication. I understand that if my essay is accepted as a winning entry, I will be asked to read it at the

November 10 MAP celebration, and that MAP has my permission to post it on their website, with my

name and school.   I am also providing the signature of an adult (teacher, parent, youth leader) who

provided guidance and who agrees with this statement.



Student signature and date: _____________________________________________________________


Adult signature, date, and relationship: ____________________________________________________


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