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Use the comments below to offer or request rides or places to stay, or to organize joint rides or joint rentals.

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  1. I would appreciate staying with someone who offers to host speakers at the conference. If that is not feasible, can you suggest an inexpensive motel?
    Thanks, Richard Tucker

    1. Hi, Richard. We live in Silver Spring, on Metro’s Red Line. Hubby & I have a sleep sofa for sure & possibly a bedroom. Wld you like to make a reservation?

      1. Hi Mary, i’m coming down for the conference from boston on sept. 22 to union station. any chance you’d still have a room left for the 22nd and 23rd? i’d leave for union station straight from the conference on the sunday afternoon some time.

      2. Are you “filled?” I am coming from NJ and would love to stay where I can park my car… I am hoping to come Friday and leave Sunday after the workshops or speakers are done…
        (I am a 75 year old female Quaker. I can bring my sleeping bag and sleep anywhere!!)

  2. I would like a ride from New York City if anyone is driving down. I also need a place to stay, preferably without stairs as I’m getting on in years! Many thanks. Alice Slater

      1. Alice- hi! I am flying to DC from California, but I am going up to NYC after the Conference. I wondered if you found a ride back yet? Thanks-

        1. I may be driving down from Woodstock on Friday.Call me tomorrow (Thursday). I donn’t drive at night so if I go, will leave Sunday early.

        1. HI, Tarak–I haven’t had internet access where I am staying. Just seeing this. Are you by any chance driving back to NYC on Sunday night or early Monday morning? Would love to ride with you. Haven’t seen you yet—hopefully you are here! Sherri (415) 250-7986

  3. I have one guest room that I’ve already offered to a friend from MA – not sure she can come, though. I also have a sleep sofa – first come, first served. We’re in Silver Spring, close-in suburb & close to the Red Line.

  4. We would be able to offer our basement guest room for one or two participants for free. There is also an affordable conference center located at 821 Varnum St. NE. $45/night included continental breakfast. Contact Clara Callahan at ccallahan@stuartcenter.org about the possibility of staying at the Stuart Center.

      1. Hi Rick. I just saw your response. I’ll get back to you later to day to let you know for sure about the guest room.

      2. Hi, Rick. I checked on the availability of the guest room and it is yours if you still need it. Could you sent me your arrival and departure information at: droche@rscj.org? I will send you the exact address via that email. Thanks!

  5. There is a youth hostel in DC and you need not be a youth.

    We have a Coordinating Committee member with 4 guest rooms — I think 2 spoken for so far. Contact us.

    The Harington Hotel is pretty cheap.

    Some churches allow free sleeping in the church.

    Post what you need here!

    Post what you can offer here!

    1. Before i make my plane reservations i am trying to set up lodging. would one of the guest rooms in the coordinating committee member’s home still be available for fri night sept 22 and sat. night sept. 23. i would fly home (boston) late pm on sunday. i would be happy to make any appropriate donation.

  6. I am looking for someone/an organization or project concerned with health in war/post-war zones to share a sponsorship to the conference. This would mean sharing a table for information/organizing, and splitting the cost of the sponsorship $250. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks claudia@iraqichildrensart.org

  7. I live in Asheville, North Carolina, and I would like to pay in advance and in person to join a local chapter headed to the No War conference. Does anyone know where I can get a ride?

    1. Twila:

      I am fairly close to the event and at this point have a bed for you. I am reaching out to others as well.

  8. Coming from San Francisco on Friday the 22nd and staying till Monday the 25th.
    Looking for hospitality, or inexpensive housing within walking distance of conference, please.

    Also, Baltimore seems to have the most reasonably priced flights.
    Is that the best airport?
    Are there rides available to/from?

    1. BWI airport has a free shuttle to the BWI Amtrak station where you can get a $5 Marc commuter train to DC Union Station and/or DC Metro subway system. You can also get an Amtrak train but it costs $20.


    Before booking the train or bus, I thought I would check to see if anyone is driving to Manhattan (non-smokers–allergies) Sunday evening after the conference or even as early as dinner time.

    I would be happy to share costs etc. and be delighted to have people to talk with about all we have heard.

    I will have one “carry on” sized bag. Thanks

    1. Sherri, I will drive back to NYC but will not drive at night so I would leave during the day on Sunday. Call me at 845 706-0187

  10. I live in Bethesda, not far from AU, and have a room with two beds and a bath. Please let me know if you are interested.

  11. I am a local activist and freelancing photographer who wants to be a part of this event. I need to know if there is a chapter based in the greater Asheville, NC region that is attending, and how to reserve my space. Please message me ASAP the contact info to the people in charge, and where I can meet them in person to pay for my ticket in advance.

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