Lithuanians protest against U.S. imperialism and NATO occupational troops

By Nacionalistas


On February 4th, 2015, activists from various anti-globalist and anti-imperialist Lithuanian organizations, including the National Workers Movement, gathered in front of the United States embassy in Vilnius, to express their protest and condemnation towards worldwide US imperialism and, specifically, the deployment of NATO troops within the borders of Lithuania (which is a violation of local constitutional law), as well as the covert US intervention in Ukrainian affairs, in support of the pro-Western Kiev junta and its genocidal actions.

The speakers of the demonstration opposed the actions of NATO – not only the war-mongering in Ukraine, but also the terrorist imperialist wars that have been executed against the countries of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya; they expressed solidarity with all nations struggling against imperialism, globalism and the hegemonic aspirations of the US ruling elite.

Slogans such as “Yankee go home”, “Terrorists – out”, “NATO are terrorists” were chanted; various posters and a banner “Down with the dictatorship of capital!” was carried by the demonstrators.

Ž. Razminas ir G. Grabauskas

However, the protesters also experienced attempts from a numerous group of government-sponsored provocateurs to disrupt the demonstration, but these cheap and cynical provocations met with failure (the provocative actions included the use of inappropriate language and attempts to spark possible physical confrontations); the demonstration was a general success due to the fact that it met with significant attention of the mainstream media, in spite of the gross disinformation and distortions presented therein.

Kalba E. Satkevičius

Photo of "Lrytas"

Despite the claims of the US-vassal regime about being a “democracy” with “free speech”, we are constantly seeing an escalation in government attempts to violate the rights to free speech of various activists who are vocally opposing imperialism and the military occupation of the country and exposing the true criminal nature of US imperialism, the most notable example of this being the representative of the National Workers Movement, Žilvinas Razminas, who has received absurd and absolutely irrational accusations about alleged “formation of anti constitutional groups” and even “promotion of terrorism”.

This only reveals the true face of the present regime – a globalist-capitalist dictatorship that uses the “civilized” facade of “democracy” to hide its real nature.


The demonstration is an important step in the continuation and further development of the movement against imperialism and for the national independence of Lithuania, as all the participating persons and organizations are determined to continue and expand their collaboration in the direction of national sovereignty and social justice.

We encourage and invite all progressive national and revolutionary movements in Europe and the world, all conscious people, countries and nations to stand together against the war-mongering and aggressive policies of the US, in solidarity with all countries, nations and movements that stand for the independence and sovereignty of peoples.<--break->

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