Iran Deal Prevents Naked Muslim Ray Gun

By David Swanson

Nukes get all the attention, but the fact is that intense inspections of Iranian facilities will also prevent Iran from developing a ray gun that causes your clothes to vanish and your brain to convert to Islam.

No, there is not the slightest scrap of evidence that Iran is trying to create such a thing, but then there’s also not the slightest scrap of evidence that Iran is trying to create a nuclear bomb.

And yet, here are a bunch of celebrities in a video that certainly cost many more dollars than the number of people who’ve watched it, urging support for the Iran deal after hyping the bogus Iranian nuclear threat, pretending that the United States gets “forced into” wars, making a bunch of sick jokes about how nuclear death can be better than other war deaths, suggesting that spies are cool, cursing, and mocking the very idea that war is a serious matter.

And here’s an otherwise intelligent guy in a video claiming that the Iran deal will prevent the “Iranian regime” (never a government, always a regime) from “gaining a nuclear weapon.” Well, I say it also prevents Iran from gaining a Naked Muslim Ray Gun!

When you question supporters of diplomacy and peace with Iran on why they focus their rhetoric on preventing Iran from getting nukes, even though at least some of them privately admit there’s no evidence Iran is trying to, they don’t come out and say that they’re cynically playing into popular beliefs, even false ones, because they have no choice. No, they tell you that their language doesn’t actually state that Iran was trying to get nukes, only that if Iran ever did decide to try to get nukes, this deal would prevent it.

Well, the same applies to the Naked Muslim Ray Gun.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Or rather, stop being afraid. Don’t listen to the pro-war propaganda even when it’s parroted by the pro-peace advocates. It doesn’t improve your thinking, your understanding, or the prospects in the long run of avoiding war.

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  1. The US, Israel, Russia, China, France, England among other nuclear club countries have enough nuclear bombs to wipe out the entire world populations and all the Earth’s species by over 1,000 times!!? It is mind bugling and sickening to imagine the catastrophe that such weapons can vanish the humanity. And why the US as the leader of the free world in incapable of addressing this fact? Lets ask why the nuclear club cannot and is not willing to rid the world from this devastating weapons of mass destruction? Its time we the people raise our voice and say: “enough is enough”; we can’t take it any more. We want rid the world from a total destruction.

  2. Perhaps one of biggest tragedy of human history has been and will be about those group of people who never bother to educated themselves about the world that they are living in. They are always ready to sell themselves just to get the comfort of what they think life is all about, pasture in pastureland!

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