Declaration of Peace – Individual


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  21. Manijeh Saba says:

    I have said all I have to say at this point.

  22. Nikolay Peev says:

    To many wars are in the hustory of the poeple. Many hundreds of millions are murdered by all the wars.

    It is enough. This horror must be ended for ever.

  23. Nancy McGuire says:

    Grateful for your ongoing efforts! Namaste.

  24. Paul Palla says:


  25. Earl Rexrode says:


  26. victor damian says:


  27. Rachel Scarlata says:

    Each of the Senators who sent a letter to Iran saying they would not support the United States if an agreement is reached with President Obama, should be on the front lines if a US invasion ever happens. It is the United States and Israel that are the destabilizing forces in the Middle East.

  28. John Lloyd says:

    If we cannot find another way of dealing with international disputes then life on Earth is doomed. This is not just a moral question it is the practical one of survival.

  29. Johnnie Sims says:

    Please read Senator Donald Riegle’s 1994 investigatory report; called the Riegle report. It outlines how the USA provided chemical and biological WMD to Saddam Hussein in the 1980s so he could use them on the Iranians – and likely on US soldiers during our Iraqi invasion. We then vetoed all UN resolutions condemning Saddam’s use of the weapons.