Greenwashing The US Military, Julian Assange, RIP Kevin Zeese


The weather is getting more extreme by the year and conversations about climate change are growing along with it. So when Michael Moore made the movie ‘Planet of the Humans’, criticizing the corporate co-optation of the green movement, he came under attack from well-connected activists. Lee Camp reports on how Bill McKibben, one of the targets of Moore’s movie, has adopted a role of helping some of the worst industries and institutions out there to greenwash their images. In an op-ed from a year ago, McKibben used his platform to rehabilitate the image of the US military. The reporting in this opening comes from Max Blumenthal at the Grayzone. Camp then covers the kangaroo court extradition trial of Julian Assange, and how Bob Woodward waited to release information proving that President Donald Trump knew the coronavirus was dangerous but downplayed it.

Natalie McGill reports on the lender Oportun, which markets itself as a compassionate payday lender for Latinos, but preys on that same population. Oportun has initiated a record-breaking number of lawsuits against borrowers who fall behind on their payments. They targeted Latino populations because they’re less likely to find lawyers to fight the lawsuits. Camp ends the show in memoriam of activist, writer, and lawyer Kevin Zeese, who died suddenly last week.

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