Gar Alperovitz

“This year’s World Beyond War Conference was an extraordinary gathering of activists, writers, and community organizers — a critical step in building power and the step by step development of an ever more powerful and effective peace movement.” — Gar Alperovitz, author, historian, political economist.


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  1. You guys are doing a great job. Sorry I missed the Sept. conference.

    The pathway to a world beyond war is through a strengthened and democratized United Nations. We are working on that via pushing for a long promised charter review. (Article 109 – 3 of the UN charter.)

    Hopefully, you will work with us on that goal.

    Seasons Greetings,

    Bob Hanson, Treasurer
    Democratic World Federalists

      1. You are right unbelievable Saudi Arabia should have sanctions for all the harms that has created in its country and more on Yemen and they ate on the human right commission?

  2. I was in London throughout WW2 and I though that was truly the war to end all wars. Now we have the tragedy of Syria. But we must not give up hope and we must make sure that Mr.Trump embraces PEACE!

  3. The brutal truth is that spending 23 Billions, or so, for the poor does not feed the Egos of Putin Erdogan or Orban. They do not have empathy for other than their own one-sided egotistic goals. Thus, incentives to change this, needs brutal defeat for them. A reasonable goal only for a minority of politians, or?

    1. History has shown that brutality doesn’t solve problems, but merely kicks the can down the road. Nonviolent noncompliance undermines dictators and opens the way for democracy.

  4. Peace, no nuclear weapons and non-violence have been achieved for 70 years in Japan and for 50 years in Costa Rica. May we learn from these two great nations who have finished re-inventing the wheel?

  5. To start a war to end a war by attacking North Korea ?
    Bushes illegal on going war on Iraq and The USA’s and other powerful self interested countries disastrous middle east policies, are testament to the stupidity and ignorance of those in power. It seems nothing has changed.
    I believe the root of the problem lies with the global financial industry and until that industry is taken from these private institutions and nationalised by individual governments with a return to a gold standard, nothing will change.
    And working people and their families will remain forever under the whip of destiny. He who controls the money controls the people.

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