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Spanish flyers translated by Juan Gómez. French by Ingrid Style.

17 Responses

  1. War must be war because its decrease growing of economy, Innocent people are killed during war, We must save lives of all human beings, We must all leave in peace and harmony, We are loosing businesses because of war, War bring hunger and poverty to our communities, War does not solved problems in this World. Stop War Let us Promotes Peace and Harmony

    1. “We must all leave in peace and harmony,War bring hunger and poverty. War does not solved problems in this World.”
      Say No To War.

  2. War must be stopped because it destroyed our towns, War Decrease development of our countries, Innocent people are killed, People become poor and poverty increase because of war, Let us leave together peacefully. Our children are killed during war let us stop war.


    For Successful Evolution – there are antagonistic Life strains (DNA, )in dynamic equilibrium to stabilise LIFE in HARMONY (Balance) with the PLANET –




    And so on

    Some (now almost completely dominant) Human DNA strains, , katabolic, predatory, parasitic harbour technology which by totally ignoring Evolutionary Principles will destroy all 5.5 billion years of evolution of Life on the Planet – VERY SOON. Having mostly “Left” Side Brains not Right Side Brains (“Hearts”)the populations of this Life usery have exponentially PLAGUED the Planet with their exploitative Godzilla technology , especially since the 18th Century. It may have already passed the point where they will render our Nature Planet irreversibly Life-less in the nearest. Planet “Consumers” are oblivious. So!

    Unless we CHOOSE not to FEEL, WHAT THE HEAVEN are ALL TRULY WISE NOT “CLEVER” LEADERS of Goodwill, Vision, Truth & Conscience going to DO about the insidious Nature outside & within us all, exigent exigently not to see, hear, know, think, feel, or be concerned. The most FAVOURABLE DNA for PLANET LIFE EVOLUTION for Mammon-profit subjugation. So “they=we” plunder & burrow to “make their/our own with usery” (WS) Heed the WISDOM of Carl Sagan,Albert, Mahatma Gandhi & myriad goodly prophets for millennia before & deny the self-focusing demonic “DNA cleverness” & blind-deadness of Mammon’s lackey “meme” Mini-men amongst ALL creeds,colours,tribes of, & WITHIN all of US – NOW!

    Or for “You” & “Yours”, it is the Silence of a Vaccuum in Infinity.

  4. War has never solved any problems for the human race since the beginning of time, and it never will, never ever. we are not meant for war, we have intelligence, well some of us do anyway(just kidding), seriously though war creates racism and you cannot get rid of the one without the other. So I am in for there ain’t no war no more saying, which we can make a reality instead of just lyrics in a song.

  5. Big Oil is fracking, destroying our arctic environment etc. because of warfare. Hybrid tanks and bombers are not likely to be developed by people thinking in terms of ‘shock and awe’. So the military Industrial complex is also jeopardizing the necessary conversion to a sustainable economy, even if war will not become a reality.

  6. Violence begets violence. If the Chinese and the Americans don’t start WWIII then it is likely that the Americans will provoke WWIII with the Russians. Or simply that Israel will allow its hysteria to reach boiling point and it will unilaterally start WWIII by throwing its nuclear weapons around. And then there is the blowback caused by war. The war on drugs and then the war on terror have, it appears? led to those peoples and countries (mostly on the African continent, the Middle East particularly, but also some in SE Asia and South America which have been under attack) fighting back and bringing death and destruction to their tormentors. (If, of course, some of these attacks were not, in fact, false flag and/or sting operations.) We have ample evidence that bombs do not bring an end to violence. Every time the authorities slaughter one “terrorist” a thousand rise up to take his/her place. If insanity truly is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time then surely, those who advocate for more weapons and more “strikes” as a way to stop the violence are certifiably insane and ought to be locked up for the protection of humanity and the planet.

  7. Thanks for these posters, flyers etc. I love the quiz!
    Special thanks for covering war as a factor in climate change. How much longer till the climate activists pick that up and run with it????
    our materials will be very useful for forthcoming action at Avalon Airshow Australia and a peace activism training event at Silver Wattle Quaker Centre on 23-28/4/17 near Canberra.


    Members of the Saudi Arabian government are now seen to be holding a “smoking gun” for the terror attacks on 9/11/01 due to the recent declassification of 28 pages of the Congressional Joint Intelligence report of 2002, chaired by former Senator Bob Graham.

    We would be remiss not to join former Commission members, members of Congress and 9/11 victims’ families in their demand for a new 911 investigation and indictments. Nine Eleven lies started these endless wars. Only nine eleven truth can end them. No truth = no peace.

    The 28 pages state that then-Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., Prince Bandar bin Sultan and his wife sent $100,000 to Saudi agent Bassnan in San Diego, who lived across the street from the two named Saudi hijackers. A long-time colleague of Bassnan named Bayoumi, receiving money from the Saudi Ministry of Defense, paid the rent for the same two named hijackers for 18 months before 9/11/01 attacks. He paid for a translator for them because they did not speak English and arranged flight school for them. Bassnan told an FBI asset that he did more for the two named hijackers with the $100,000 from Prince Bandar than did Bayoumi.

    Senator Bob Graham, former chair of the Committee whose 28 pages were suppressed by G,W. Bush and Obama, said that the 28 pages show a “cover-up,” “aggressive deception,” “FBI statements untrue,” and that “the Saudi government was a co-conspirator in 9/11.”

    “Kristen Breitweiser, who lost her husband to the 9/11 attacks, and four other 9/11 widows issued a press release stating “…when you listen to any member of our government state that the newly released 28 pages are no smoking gun – THEY ARE LYING.” Their statement continued: “Zelikow blocked and then fired Dana Lesemann when she tried to investigate the uninvestigated leads in the 28 pages.” Philip Zelikow was the Bush-appointed head of the 9/11 Commission. The New York Post reported that Zelikow blocked subpoenas of Saudi suspects and was thereafter made senior advisor to the Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Three members of Zelikow’s Commission have since admitted that the Saudis were not adequately investigated by the 9/11 Commission.

    “The 9/11 widows statement concluded: “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia provided operational and financial support to the 9/11 hijackers. That is a fact. And, the U.S. Government has been covering up that fact for 15 years – even to this very day. And that is a crime.”

    The 28 Pages provide the basis for law suits, indictments, prosecutions and punishments of government criminal complicity in the 911 crimes. Furthermore, they provide the political basis to force an end to endless wars. Whereas Congress recently passed JASTA, allowing 9/11 victims’ families to sue the Saudi royals for damages, and whereas JASTA deserves support from the public, it is even more important for peace activists to use the revelations in the 28 Pages to ramp up demands to end the wars which have resulted from the fraudulently concocted war on terror. LIES = WAR. IT IS IMPERITIVE THAT PEACE ACTIVISTS DEMAND 9/11 TRUTH!

  9. The idiocy of war seems to be encapsulated in the idea of just having nuclear weapons, not using them – who is going to be left behind ????????

    Time to grow up – listen to each other not shout at each other and throw tantrums in blackmail……..

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