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Seattle's Capitol Hill Occupation Protest zone

Seattle’s Cauldron of Possibility

By Robert C. Koehler, June 24, 2020 From Common Wonders Maybe Seattle’s CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupation Protest) won’t last, but something is changing. Our national groupthink, as maintained with such stalwart certainty over the last half century by centrist politics […]

Rendering of proposed military radar base in Hawaii

Homeland Defense Radar Will Not Protect Hawaii

By Lynda Williams, June 20, 2020 From Honolulu Civil Beat After more than a year of meetings with neighborhood boards and local Native Hawaiian groups, the Missile Defense Agency effectively cancelled the proposed Homeland Defense Radar for Hawaii by not […]

Talk Nation Radio: Sonali Kolhatkar on Defunding Police and Pentagon

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, June 21, 2020 Sonali Kolhatkar is the host and executive producer of Rising Up With Sonali, a daily, primetime television and radio program syndicated on Free Speech TV and Pacifica Radio stations and affiliates. […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Geimer

Each month, we share the stories of World BEYOND War volunteers around the world. Want to volunteer with World BEYOND War? Email Location: Victoria, Canada How did you get involved with anti-war activism and World BEYOND War (WBW)? After […]

Defund the Military

Let’s Defund The Military Too

From The Intercept, June 18, 2020 This is a transcript of an episode of the Deconstructed Podcast featuring Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy advisor Matt Duss with Mehdi Hasan. THE UNITED STATES has by far the world’s largest military budget, accounting for […]

Rayshard Brooks

Defunding “Justified” Murder

By Robert Koehler, June 20, 2020 Well, he deserved to die, didn’t he? He fought, he ran, he grabbed the cop’s taser and fired it. And he was intoxicated, apparently. And he was blocking traffic. “If an officer is hit […]

Bernie, Amendments, and Moving the Money

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, June 14, 2020 Senator Bernie Sanders has finally done something that some of us thought would give his presidential campaign a big boost four years ago, and again this past year. He’s proposed to […]

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (R) holds a joint news conference on the International Criminal Court with Defense Secretary Mark Esper (R), at the State Department in Washington, DC, on June 11, 2020. President Donald Trump on Thursday ordered sanctions against any official at the International Criminal Court who prosecutes U.S. troops as the tribunal looks at alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.

“Grotesque Abuse” of Authority as Trump Declares National Emergency Over ICC Probe of Alleged US War Crimes

By Andrea Germanos, June 11, 2020 From Common Dreams The Trump administration renewed its attacks on the International Criminal Court on Thursday with President Donald Trump issuing an executive order imposing economic sanctions against ICC staff involved in the ongoing […]

Over 200 Sign New Petition to Ban Militarized Policing in Charlottesville

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, June 11, 2020 Over 200 people have quickly signed a new petition in Charlottesville, Va. at Almost all of the signers are from Charlottesville. The petition is addressed to the Charlottesville City Council […]

Martin Gugino, peace activist and protestor

Martin Gugino: The “Buffalo Protestor” And Our Friend

By Jeremy Varon, Witness Against Torture, June 9, 2020 I too reacted with horror at seeing the video of a 75-year-old man bleeding from the head after being shoved to the ground by Buffalo police. My stomach turned tighter when […]