North America

Entrance to CANSEC weapons show in Ottawa

Canadian Weapons Show Will Proceed Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

By Brent Patterson, March 13, 2020 Amid public health concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, warnings against non-essential travel, new rules around public gatherings of more than 250 people, and the cancellation of awards shows and sports seasons, one thing must […]

Vaccine laboratory

American Unexceptionalism and COVID-19

By Kary Love, March 13, 2020 During the SARS-1 epidemic scare in 2002-4, America invaded Iraq.  If you followed science, you would know that SARS-1, was a coronavirus that caused an acute respiratory disease that killed on average about 11 […]

Business is booming as Canada’s largest arms fair comes to Ottawa

By Brent Patterson,, March 8, 2020 The business of war is coming to Ottawa on May 27-28. CANSEC, North America’s largest arms fair, will bring together arms manufacturers, cabinet ministers, government officials, soldiers and delegates from 55 countries. The 300 exhibitors include transnational corporations […]

WBW billboard in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Pays High Price For War

By Bill Christofferson, February 29, 2020 From Urban Milwaukee A Milwaukee billboard with a simple 10-word message has focused public attention this month on military spending and the costs of war. Peace activists, public officials, protesters, nuns, and curious members […]

World Beyond War: A New Podcast

Intersections in Ottawa: World BEYOND War Podcast Featuring Katie Perfitt and Colin Stuart

By Marc Eliot Stein and Greta Zarro, February 28, 2020 The upcoming #NoWar2020 antiwar conference in Ottawa, Canada will be a convergence of indigenous rights movements, urgency for climate change awareness, protest against military profiteering at the CANSEC weapons bazaar, […]

Simon Black and Mary-Wynne Ashford on Talk Nation Radio

Talk Nation Radio: Enough Blood Shed, End the Arms Trade

Mary-Wynne Ashford is a retired Family Physician, with a specialty in Palliative Care. She was Co-President of the International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War for four years, and President of Physicians for Global Survival (Canada) for four years. IPPNW received […]

Bernie Finally Puts a Number on Cutting Military Spending

By David Swanson, Executive Director, World BEYOND War, February 25, 2020 Bernie Sanders’ campaign has published a fact sheet on how everything he proposes can be paid for. On that fact sheet we find this line in a list of […]

How Are We Going to Pay for Saving Trillions of Dollars?

By David Swanson, Executive Director of World BEYOND War, February 21, 2020 Enhanced Medicare for All — that wild scheme that Michael Bloomberg calls “untried” because it’s only been tested for decades in virtually every wealthy nation on earth — […]

Bullet Points and Punch Lines by Lee Camp

You Have To Laugh

By David Swanson, February 20, 2020 It’s often hard to report on U.S. politics and government with a straight face. It’s even harder to report on the usual reporting on U.S. politics and government with a straight face. So much […]

Richard Sanders on Talk Nation Radio

Talk Nation Radio: Richard Sanders on Shutting Down Weapons Shows

Richard Sanders is a researcher/writer/activist who has engaged full-time in the peace movement since 1984 when he escaped academia with an MA in cultural anthropology. His efforts to debunk Canada’s peace mythology began when coordinating Ottawa’s Peace Resource Centre, producing a […]