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Justin Trudeau at podium

The Hypocrisy of The Liberals’ Nuclear Policy

A Vancouver MP’s last-minute withdrawal from a recent webinar on Canada’s nuclear arms policy highlights Liberal hypocrisy. The government says it wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons but refuses to take a minimal step to protect humanity from the serious threat.

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Remembrance Day Remarks in South Georgian Bay

On this day, 75 years ago, a peace treaty was signed ending WWII, and ever since, on this day, we remember and honour the millions of soldiers and civilians who  died in World Wars I and II;  and the millions and millions more who died, or had their lives destroyed, in the over 250 wars since WWII.   But remembering those who died  is not enough.

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Canada's combat ship program

Who Is The Enemy? Defund Militarism And Fund Institutions Of Social Value In Canada

Canada needs a conversion to a green economy, away from fossil fuel production, to include a fair transition and retraining of displaced workers. There is a need for extraordinary investment in the new economy to enable a move towards climate change mitigation, environmental sustainability and social justice. We do not need increased investment in things that have no redeeming social value by endlessly preparing for war.

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