Busboys and Poets Was Packed Friday Night to Welcome Those in Town to Unwelcome NATO to Washington DC

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 5, 2024

In Washington, D.C., on Friday the convention center looked like this:

But nearby in Busboys and Poets restaurant, the scene looked like this:

Here’s what it sounded like:

These fine people were in town to unwelcome NATO! See https://nonatoyespeace.org

Some of them had walked to Washington from Maine! See: https://peacewalk2024.org

3 Responses

    NO No mo Nato.
    Vietnam Vets join Gen Z-ers to show
    all NATO POOHBOS, “The people SAY NO,
    We do not, we will not, we can’t be made to go,
    Go gung ho for yo war,
    no no, mo, Nato.
    No, no mo, Nato,
    No, No mo, Nato

  2. #NoToNATO yes to peace! Sharing and spreading the word/s to enlighten people of the realities of what NATO is about and how dangerous it is.

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