Britain In or Out of the EU

Hope you are well. You and your colleagues/friends are invited to a free public meeting at the House of Lords on Monday 9th November from 6:30pm to 9:00pm

The details are below and the flyer is here

Please circulate the event details to your cotnacts and register for the event. We look forward welcoming you. Many thanks.

London – Monday 9th November, 2015
The title of the event is: “Britain IN/OUT of EU” – What is Best for Peace

Chair: Rita Payne,
President Commonwealth Journalists Association


Lord Maclennan of Rogart, Former Lib Dem Leader
Brendan Donnelly, Director, Federal Trust, Former MEP
Jean Lambert MEP, Green MEP for London Region
Lord Roger Liddle, Author of “The European Dilemma”
Vijay Mehta, Chair, Uniting for Peace
Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party MP for Brightion, Pavilion
Rev. Philip Foster, Author and UKIP supporter since 1998

The conference will explore United Kingdom’s relationship with European Union and its impending IN/OUT referendum. The meeting will also explore how and why EU  is going through a serious crisis and what can be done to make European Enterprise work better and resonate to European citizens.

It will also discuss if UK can take a leadership role so that EU can go back to its foundational goal for keeping and maintaining peace, promote and protect democracy and universal rights in Europe. How the community spirit can be maintained through cooperation between Europeans, which can bind all Europe economically, culturally, socially and politically. If the UK exits from the EU, can the community spirit be maintained through cooperation with other European countries?

Date : Monday, 9th November 2015
Time: 18:3021:00

Venue : Room 4a, Hosue of Lords, London SW1A 0PW

This is a free public event. Donations welcome. Please arrive 20 minutes early to go through the security and the room is booked under the name of Lord Maclennan

For registrations and any other information please

Vijay Mehta Telephone : 0207 791 1717

Brian Cooper
Telephone: 0131 446 9545
Uniting for Peace website

Best wishes,
Vijay Mehta
Author and Chair Uniting for Peace
Founding Trustee, Fortune Forum Charity
14 Cavell Street, London E1 2HP
Telephone: 0207 791 1717

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