Audio: Liz Remmerswaal, Peace Witness

By Radio Kidnappers, September 6, 2020

Liz Remmerswaal is board member and national coordinator of global peace organisation, World BEYOND War and after working in politics, broadcasting, community work and raising a family is now a committed voluntary peace activist, who lives at Haumoana.

Liz has also been a vice president of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and in 2017  received the Sonia Davies Peace Award and studied and travelled overseas. She is the co- co-convenor of Pacific Peace Network.

‘Peace Witness’ features those who stand up to be counted as advocating for non violent ways of resolving conflict.




Valerie Morse has been a central fgure in the establishment of nationwide peace-action groups in Aotearoa NZ, in particular, Peace Action Wellington and Auckland Peace Action, for the past two decades.

Morse was the author of Against Freedom: The War on Terrorism in Everyday New Zealand Life (2007) and was the principal writer of Profting from War: New Zealand’s Weapons and Military-Related Industry (2015).

She is perhaps best-known to a wider audience in Aotearoa New Zealand in connection to the Operation Eight case, for which she was never put on trial, and the trial for burning a flag on Anzac Day, for which she was eventually acquitted in the Supreme Court, after appealing her conviction. Trained as a historian, employed as a librarian, and based in the Wairarapa, she speaks here with World BEYOND War’s Liz Remmerswaal on her life as a peace witness.

Listen here:

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