An Example of a Great Letter to the Editor

By Tim Pluta, World BEYOND War, July 26, 2021

When countries in global leadership positions use aggressive, violent, and abusive military force to intimidate, acquire natural resources, and secure perceived strategic geopolitical land masses, their examples set the tone and acceptability of such actions for the rest of the world.

As long as the global community accepts this kind of behavior it will continue to be used by individuals, businesses and other countries. Not because it is efficient or successful in resolving conflict, but because it generates lots of money for a very limited set of participants.

We must begin to more broadly teach, practice, enforce and accept non-violent resolution to conflict and truth and reconciliation processes. If we do not, we will continue to be manipulated by avaricious, thoughtless, decision-makers whose limited vision allows them to see only economic and personal  gain as their primary goal of global interaction. What offers hope are the millions of organizations and individuals globally who work non-violently for peace.

War is obsolete.

This does not mean it is not used, just that it is outmoded, inefficient, and not cost effective. Added to that, it is extremely destructive to the environment and to all living creatures.

People who are aware of this continue to strengthen and construct the foundations and social structures required to maintain a world beyond war.

There are those, too, who perhaps know that war is obsolete but continue to use it in an attempt to squeeze out the last vestiges of economic gain at the expense of their victims and much of the rest of the world.

The world was at one time perceived to be flat. The wheel at one time was unknown. Space travel was at one time only a dream.

Added to this list will one day be…”War was at one time an acceptable solution to conflict resolution.”

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