2015 First Edition: A Global Security System: An Alternative to War




“You say you’re against war, but what’s the alternative?”



World Beyond War is pleased to provide the book that everyone has been asking for: A Global Security System: An Alternative to War. It describes the “hardware” of creating a peace system, and the “software” — the values and concepts — necessary to operate a peace system and the means to spread these globally. Key sections include:

* Why is an Alternative Global Security System both Desirable and Necessary?
* Why we Think a Peace System is Possible
* Common Security
* Demilitarizing Security
* Managing International and Civil Conflicts
* International Non-government Organizations: The Role of Global Civil Society
* Creating a Culture of Peace
* Accelerating The Transition To An Alternative Security System

This report is based on the work of many experts in international relations and peace studies and on the experience of many activists. It is intended to be an evolving plan as we gain more and more experience. The historic end of war is now possible if we muster the will to act and so save ourselves and the planet from ever greater catastrophe. World Beyond War firmly believes that we can do this.

You can obtain A Global Security System: An Alternative to War in multiple formats:

Read A Global Security System: An Alternative to War Free Online

Start with Executive Summary.

View full Table of Contents.

View or download full PDF version.

PRINT EDITION of A Global Security System: An Alternative to War

Replaced by newer edition.

AUDIO EDITION for A Global Security System: An Alternative to War

Available for free here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

eBook EDITIONS for A Global Security System: An Alternative to War

ePub for free here.

The distributor is Ingram. The ISBN is 978-1495147159.


Here’s a power point presentation to allow anyone familiar with the book to present it to others.


This book is the work of the World Beyond War Strategy Committee with input from the Coordinating Committee. All active members of those committees were involved and get credit, along with allies consulted and the work of all those drawn from and cited in the book. Kent Shifferd was the lead author. Also involved were Alice Slater, Bob Irwin, David Hartsough, Patrick Hiller, Paloma Ayala Vela, David Swanson, Joe Scarry.

Patrick Hiller did final editing.

Paloma Ayala Vela did layout.

Joe Scarry did web-design and publication.

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