A Determined Man VS the Military-Industrial Complex

From The Peace Report, March 19, 2018

Bruce Gagnon has been fighting General Dynamics head-to-head and it looks like the match will go a full 15 rounds as neither side is giving up an inch. Bruce has been opposed to Bath Iron Works (owned by General Dynamics) for years because they make warships, Aegis Destroyers, Zumwalt’s, and more when they could be making sustainable technologies to improve society, not kill it. Maine needs more jobs, and converting BIW would benefit everyone. That’s his message.

The following is a database for this actions against the new bill, LD1781, that General Dynamics is pushing to get yet another tax break from the citizens of Maine: a $60 million tax break over the next 10 years. That money goes straight to the pockets of the CEO, board, and shareholders of General Dynamics, it doesn’t go into the pockets of Mainers.

Feb 07: Video Stop Corporate Welfare at Bath Iron Works
Feb 12: Hunger Strike Day 1 (Blog)
Feb 12: Day 1 Update (Blog)
Feb 13: Day 2 Update (Blog)
Feb 14: Day 3 Update BIW w/ members of the Band (Blog)
Feb 14: Day 3 Video Hunger Strike
Feb 15: Day 4 Good Reception at ShipYard (Blog)
Feb 16: Day 5 Words from some BIW Workers (Blog)
Feb 17: Day 6: Maine Can’t Afford $30 Million Either! (Blog)
Feb 18: Day 7: Video: Hunger Strike Update
Feb 19: Day 8: Democrats Afraid Won’t Be Reelected If Reject GD Welfare Bill
Feb 20: Day 9: Emotion and Reaction from BIW Today (Blog)
Feb 21: Day 10: Solidarity Hunger Strikers in Maine (Blog)
Feb 22: Day 11: GD Corporate Welfare Bill Tabled Again in Augusta (Blog)
Feb 23: Day 12: More letters in Maine papers and Solidarity from Jeju Island
Feb 24: Day 13: A Holy Day in Bath (Blog)
Feb 25: Day 14: This Issue latest guest (Blog and Video)
Feb 26: Day 15: Zumwalt to be nuclear equipped? (Blog)
Feb 27: Day 16: GD bill tabled again in Augusta (Blog)
Feb 28: Day 17: Local paper rejects my scheduled Op-Ed (Blog)
Mar 01: Day 18: Outsourced… Maine is a corporate colony (Blog)
Mar 02: Day 19: How things really are in Augusta – it’s “the lobby” (Blog)
Mar 03: Day 20: BIW Lenten vigil and good media (Blog)
Mar 04: Day 21: Professor Delogu on giving BIW/GD $60 million (Blog)
Mar 05: Day 22: Messages from friends about corporate welfare for GD (Blog)
———- Video: Day 21 Bruce Gagnon’s Hunger Strike
Mar 06: Day 23: Shut out of Taxation Committee meeting in Augusta (Blog)
———- Video: Taxpayer Giveaway for Weapons of Mass Destruction
Mar 07: Day 24: My rejected Op-Ed makes it into even bigger paper (Blog)
Mar 08: Day 25: The weather in Maine… (Blog)
Mar 09: Day 26: Maine has been ‘Outsourced’ to Bath Iron Works (Blog)
Mar 10: Day 27: Democracy Drowned by the Corporate Agenda (Blog)
Mar 11: Day 28: Where is the outrage from the ‘progressives’ on GD corporate welfare? (Blog)
Mar 12: Day 29: Maine Taxation Committee trims GD/BIW corporate welfare request by 25% (Blog)
Mar 13: Day 30: Solidarity Forever… (Blog)
Mar 14: Day 31: Heading back to Augusta in the morning… (Blog)
Mar: 15: Day 32: Holding vigil against this ‘bad bill’ inside the capital (Blog)
Mar 16: Day 33: We need to build unity and solidarity (Blog)
———- Video: Press Conference State House

Bob Klotz interviews Bruce Gagnon over the corporate welfare bill approaching vote this week benefiting Maine’s largest arms builder(5th Internationally) General Dynamics.

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