May 29 War Will Not Go Away Unless We Make It / How to organize for Peace & Justice — David Swanson and Mary Dean



War Will Not Go Away Unless We Make It

By David Swanson

Please read this argument that war is not going to end on its own and is not ending.

Please read this call for us to end war.

Please consider these approaches to ending war.

Central to World Beyond War’s approach is asking individuals and organizations to sign the pledge on our website:

How can we get more people around the world to sign? Here are hardcopy sign-up sheets.

Learning to make the case for war abolition and peace creation is only of value if we go out and make it. How can we reach people? Who can join our speakers bureau? How can we create events? How can we get speakers into classrooms?

Here are resources you can use to put on events yourself.

Here’s an urgent U.S. project, adaptable to other projects later on and in other places: How to pass a local resoltion against Trump’s budget proposal.

Can you join one of these campaigns?




Where should we be organizing nonviolent resistance?

How can we create better graphics?

How can we create better videos?

Can you join or start a World Beyond War chapter?

How could we better fund the peace movement?

What ideas occur to you for advancing the cause of ending all war?

We’re planning a No War 2017 conference for October 6-8. What should it include?



What is your best advice for the World Beyond War organization?

What can it do better or do more of or do differently to best advance the cause of ending all war?


What feedback do you have specifically on this course? What was good or bad? How might it be improved? If we were to offer an advanced course, what would you want included?

Thank you!

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