Peadar King

Peadar King is an Irish documentary filmmaker and writer. For Irish television, he has presented, produced and occasionally directed the award-winning global affairs series What in the World? Hailed byThe Irish Times as “terrific and moving, illuminating and insightfulKing’s contribution to our understanding of global economic inequality has been impressive”, the series has filmed in over fifty countries across Africa, Asia and The Americas. From the outset, the series provided a compelling critique of the current predatory model of neoliberalism.  In recent years, it has turned its attention to the way in which war has engulfed the lives of millions of people across the globe. Specifically, Peadar King has reported on conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine/Israel, Somalis, South Sudan and Western Sahara. His reporting on war has also extended to the war on drugs (Mexico, Uruguay) and on war on people of colour (Brazil and the United States of America). He is a regular radio contributor on global affairs and the author of three books: The Politics of Drugs from production to consumption (2003), What in the World? Political Travels in Africa, Asia and The Americas (2013) and War, Suffering and the Struggle for Human Rights. Among those who have acknowledged King’s work are Noam Chomsky “this remarkable travelogue, inquiry and illuminating analysis” (What in the World, Political Travels in Africa, Asia and The Americas). Former Irish president and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights described the book as “vitally important in helping us understand our neighbours – and our responsibility to them”.

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