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Social Media:

Sample email.




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Billboard image companies were willing to use. (larger PDF here)

Billboard image companies refused to take good money for. (larger PDF here)

Billboard image put up on billboards in Limerick. (larger PDF here)

Banner graphic (PDF here).

Black and white graphic (click for large version).

Bumper sticker graphic.

Bumper sticker graphic.

Ad placed in Peace News and Limerick Post. (Larger PDF here.)

Ad placed in The Phoenix. (Larger PDF here.)

Ad placed in Limerick Post. (Larger PDF here.)

Rally sign.


Take Action:

Sign the petition: U.S. Military Out of Ireland!

Send an email to remove the U.S. military from Shannon Airport, and to restore Irish neutrality:

For more information on the U.S. Military use of Shannon see shannonwatch.org

For updates on Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayers go here.




Letters to Editors:

It can be helpful both for the cause of getting U.S. troops and weapons out of Shannon Airport and for promoting our conference and rally, for people — especially Irish people — to write letters to the editors of Irish newspapers. Tips for writing letters to editors are here.

Watch for articles about U.S.-Irish relations, Brexit, war, peace, fires at Shannon Airport, Ken and Tarak’s walk and other activism, VIPs flying to Shannon Airport, water pollution, and any other “hook” for submitting a letter to the editor in response. Keep your reply to the hook brief. Keep the whole letter brief and respectful. Make one or more of these points in your own words in your letter:

  • World BEYOND War’s 4th annual global conference (NoWar2019) is coming to Limerick this Oct 5-6 to expose and oppose the U.S. military’s presence on Irish soil.
  • Millions of U.S. troops have passed through Shannon Airport on their way to wars in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.
  • Ireland is supposed to be neutral; not a middleman for U.S. war-making.
  • With each day that U.S. troops pass through Shannon, Ireland remains complicit in the mass killing of people in far-off wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.
  • The U.S. military’s annual greenhouse gas emissions are greater than the entire country of Ireland’s.
  • Shannon Airport uses carcinogenic foam to put out fires like the one on the bottom of a U.S. military plane on August 15, 2019.
  • The planes carry ammunition which could catch fire.
  • Just 3% of annual U.S. military spending ($1 trillion/year) could end starvation on earth, based on UN estimates for ending world hunger.
  • According to the Global Peace Index, violence costs the world $14 trillion (12% of global GDP) annually.
  • Research from Erica Chenoweth & Maria Stephan shows that nonviolent resistance is 2x more successful than war in resolving conflict.
  • Ireland knows how futile and tragic violence is.
  • Irish & international activists and educators will converge in Limerick on October 5-6 for 2 days of workshops, panel discussions, and peaceful protest to cut ties with the world’s largest warmonger, the U.S. military.
  • Ireland can be a better friend to the U.S. people by not enabling the U.S. government’s war madness.
  • 18 thousand people have signed a petition to get the U.S. military out of Ireland. Many of those signers are from the United States. See bit.ly/outofshannon

Some of the places you can send letters:

digitaldesk@examiner.ie and letters@examiner.ie

You should NOT send the same letter to multiple outlets in the same email. Ideally, you should not send the same letter to multiple outlets at all. Your letter should be a response to the content of a particular outlet.


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