No War 2018 Live Stream

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Livestream events:

We’ll be live streaming most of #NoWar2018 via our Facebook page! Each of the plenary sessions will “go live” a few minutes prior to the scheduled time (see conference schedule). Simply click on our Facebook page at the time of the event and the video will appear as the top post on the page. (Note that workshops and lunchtime discussions will not be live streamed.) We will also be livestreaming the pre-conference book talk with Medea Benjamin on Thursday 9/20 from 6:00pm-8:00pm Eastern.

Videos will remain on our Facebook page for non-live viewing. These videos are accessible without a Facebook account – but without logging in you won’t be able to comment or interact with the video.

Videos will also become available via our youtube channel and this webpage shortly after the conclusion of the conference.


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