John Reuwer

John Reuwer is Treasurer and a Member of the Board of Directors of World BEYOND War. He is based in Vermont in the United States.

He is a retired emergency physician whose practice convinced him of a crying need for alternatives to violence for resolving tough conflicts. This led him to the informal study and teaching of nonviolence for the last 35 years, with peace team field experience in Haiti, Colombia, Central America, Palestine/Israel, and several US inner cities. He worked with the Nonviolent Peaceforce, one of very few organizations practicing professional unarmed civilian peacekeeping, in South Sudan, a nation whose suffering showcases the true nature of war that is so easily hidden from those who still believe war is a necessary part of politics. He currently participates with the DC Peaceteam. As adjunct professor of peace and justice studies at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, Dr. Reuwer taught courses on conflict resolution, both nonviolent action and nonviolent communication. He also works with Physicians for Social Responsibility educating the public and politicians about the threat from nuclear weapons, which he sees as the ultimate expression of the insanity of modern war.

John has been a facilitator for World BEYOND War’s online courses “War Abolition 201” and “Leaving World War II Behind.”


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