John Reuwer

thumb_john_rJohn Reuwer is a member of World BEYOND War’s Coordinating Committee. He has been studying and teaching alternatives to violence for 30 years.  He is an emergency physician currently consulting with the Vermont Department of Corrections and practicing urgent care medicine. He was a founder of the Grand Rapids, Michigan chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, a charter member of Physicians for a Violence-Free Society, and a long time member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. He was a charter member of Christian Peacemaker Teams, a project of the Mennonite, Brethren, and Quaker congregations, and served in Haiti, the Middle East, Washington DC, and most recently Colombia. His latest work has involved learning NonViolent Communication for the prevention of conflict, and applying it clinically to treat patients with depression and anger issues. After participating for 3 years in an ever growing NVC practice group in Virginia, he is involved in several groups practicing and teaching those skills in Vermont.

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