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Is NATO Still Necessary?

By Sharon Tennison, David Speedie and Krishen Mehta April 18, 2020 From The National Interest The coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world brings a prolonged public health crisis into sharp focus—along with the bleak prospect of a long-term economic

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Liberiamoci Dal Virus Della Guerra

World BEYOND War, April 19, 2020 This event can be viewed in Italian on April 25th and shortly thereafter in English. Details on English version coming soon.  LIBERIAMOCI DAL VIRUS DELLA GUERRA Convegno internazionale nel 75° Anniversario della Liberazione e

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20 Dictators The US Currently Supports

April 14, 2020 Does the US oppose dictators all over the world? Then why does it support so many of them? John Iadarola of “The Damage Report” on the Young Turks Network interviews David Swanson of World BEYOND War about

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