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Established in November 2020, Cameroon for a World BEYOND War (CWBW) has worked in a challenging security context, due to armed conflicts in three regions of the country that significantly affected the other seven regions. To ensure the security of its members and to work with various actors to seek peaceful solutions to conflicts, CWBW has been lobbying the national administrative authorities to work within the appropriate legal framework. As a result, CWBW was legalized on November 11, 2021 and has built a network of local partners in six regions of the country.

Our Campaigns

As part of its disarmament programme, CWBW is involved in two national campaigns: the first on legislation on Autonomous Lethal Weapon Systems (Killer Robots), and the second on the mobilization of national actors around the process of signing and ratifying the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons by Cameroon. Another priority is capacity building of youth, in partnership with WILPF Cameroon. 10 youth from 5 organizations, with 6 mentors, were trained on the 14-week Peace Education and Action for Impact programme in 2021, at the end of which research was conducted on the barriers to women and youth participation in peace processes in Cameroon. The chapter has also trained 90 youth through its workshops on leadership, violence prevention, and the use of social networks to build peace and reduce hate speech.

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