Sky Blue Scarves

Following the lead of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, World BEYOND War encourages everyone to use sky blue scarves as symbols of peace and support for ending all wars.

Use them as ribbons you tie on something too.

Get your scarves below on this secure page. They are 56″ x 20″ light-weight polyester chiffon, hand-made.

Buy 1 scarf for $25, 2 for $45, 3 for $60, 4 for $75. Add $15 per scarf above 4.

Free shipping anywhere on earth.

To purchase by check, indicate that the money is for scarves, and make the check payable to: World BEYOND War/AFGJ. (You have to add AFGJ, please don’t forget!) Mail it to:
World BEYOND War
PO Box 1484
Charlottesville VA 22902
To use Paypal go here.

Learn more at

Here’s a flyer produced by Afghan Peace Volunteers.



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  1. Nancy McGuire says:


  2. I am a new member of Veterans For Peace, and a Marine Vietnam Veteran.

    I suggest you have a velcro patch area (for example, 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches) in a highly visible location so buyers can add their nation’s or organization’s patch to the blue scarf.

    Treasure Life & Semper Fidelis,


  3. No More Wars, Give Peace, communication and life a chance.
    Wars take away it does not benefit, safe or give back: But destroys lives and minds bodies properties and lost of resources and sources..

  4. Vic Anderson says:

    What Are WE? Nuking FUT$!?
    Our Towns are on this projection; mine in Eagle Lake central FL and yours on the narrative in MD, VT and RI (all in one mirved SATAN SS-18)!
    I’m ordering one small step toward sanity, a Sky Blue Scarf to fly in the face of such U卐’ MADNEϟϟ this July 4th!

  5. Being against war is not enough. To create a world without war, not simply after or beyond war, requires an economic system predicated on the advancement of the human species. If that economic system is not in place, nothing will change. Right now President Obama by serving the British Empires monarchy, is intent on starting thermal nuclear WW III against Russia or China,or both. Obamas intent is made clear by his continuing commitment to regime change and confrontation by provoking an international incident. This will not result in conventional warfare over years,decades. We are already under conditio s of war. The trigger is Obamas reckless behavior which will only result in his using “first strike” options to which either Russia,China or both will respond defensively by launching everything in their respective nuclear arsenals. You must support removing Obama from office to even have a chance to save the human species from extermination.

  6. sandra mackie says:

    I ordered 4 scarves that I have not yet received. However I just received an email from a Leah Bolger. I hesitate to answer any email from someone I do not know. Please let me know if this is legit.

    Please send me an email and in the email tell me that it is a rainy day in Gettysburg, PA.

  7. Obama was a good choice, relative the others running in the last 2 elections. Who do think is the best choice in the next election?

  8. jeff mansfield says:

    @wayne t baker: I don’t see how Obama is ‘serving the British Empire’s monarchy’. There ain’t no such Empire and if there were I doubt any American would serve it. I think the opposite is true: British governments follow US foreign policy b/c if they don’t then Congress won’t allow them to lease the Trident nuclear deterrent, which allows Britain’s powe-brokers to continue in the delusion that we are a global super-power.

  9. I was a war resister during the wars in SE Asia. I lead successful effort to establish a draft education and counseling center on my university campus. Yet, and I knew it at the time, the threat of being drafted was a central motivation for many young men (and the those who loved them) to oppose the wars. The all volunteer army has essentially co-opted and weakened the base for organizing an antiwar movement.

    Until MLK expanded his message to include war and poverty (regardless of color) the antiwar movement was largely peopled by educated middle to upperclass whites. They were also those who were able to avoid the draft. As now, poor people were most likely to be inscripted. Now many volunteers join because they want the education and job opportunities promised from the military.

    I assume there is discussion that others in World Beyond War have considered what I am concerned about. We need to broaden the base for peace organizing. I am suggesting that if the draft, or even compulsory universal service, were expanded there would be more debate and concern when soldiers are sent to war.

    Peace, my friends,


  10. Our facility is available on May 20. Please send details of your requirements.

    Love and Peace,
    Judy Bonner,Coordinator, Justice Action Ministry (JAM)
    First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches
    635 Prosperity Farms Road
    North Palm Beach, FL 33406

  11. Walter Friedmann says:

    I buy 10 Blue Scarves

    Ich habe 165 Dollar überwiesen.

    Walter Friedmann
    Im Grün 2
    77815 Buehl

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    The US-based group World Beyond War are planning a major peace conference in Washington DC
    23 – 25 September 2016, Washington, D.C, USA
    Re: Participating in the coming Respective Conference.

    I greet you all in the name of solidarity for peace,human rights and International Security.

    With the highest degree of humanity, humbleness and gratitude, I am taking this opportunity to forward application requesting the World Beyond War group planing important Conference in our days, where True Culture of Peace is a story. to Invite me to participate full in this Conference.

    I was running up and down looking for online Registration/ Application Form for the event. unfortunately I couldn’t find one.Kindly please send me the registration form on send the invitation . I am highly Motivated Commuted to participate in this Conference Program. This Conference is a Training to any Peace Activist like myself. The Topic touching any human being in our World today.

    My name is Ali Mussa Mwadini and I am the Founder and currently voluntarily working as Executive Secretary & Peace Activist. Zanzibar Peace, Truth & Transparency Association, is a non-profit Organization, non Political, non Religious, and non Military registered in Zanzibar Tanzania, with its headquarters in Zanzibar Town. Our Organization is against such a background of wars, conflicts, tension and insecurity within Zanzibar community. Our Organization was founded, to focus on True Culture of Peace, and Peace related issues, such as Human rights, Gender Inequality, Interfaith, Democracy, Good Governance and Rule of law within Zanzibar and the Tanzania at large.


  14. Paul James says:

    Of course we need peace. But your solution of Global Governance seems suspiciously identical to the New World Order Solution. Which worries me. With such centralised power how do you stop the corruption of influence and the loss of individual preference?

  15. I LOVE the WBW Peace Almanac!!! Use it all the time in sermons, rallies, protests, articles, etc. I turn 80 on this Thursday and never realized that the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi were assassinated on my 57th birthday. Kudos to WBW and especially David Swanson, Erin McElfresh, and Alexander Shaia! Are you going to print an actual Peace Calendar with salient daily facts in small print, like the AFCS Peace Calendars from Syracuse? Also are you adding relevant daily information so that each Peace Almanac will have new, updated citations–or at least a yearly supplement to complement the original Almanac/Calendar? I will be purchasing additional items (bound almanacs?), as well as scarf/T-shirt,banner, “WBW gear” for our weekly vigil in front of the Montpelier Post Office now entering its 13th year.

  16. Ellen Palmer says:

    I was doing a bit of research and came across this statistic. The US has spent 93% of it’s existence in wars — that’s 222 out of 239 years. Imagine the shocking t-shirt that would make!

  17. Claudia Phillips says:

    Please give more information about your blue scarves. What material are they made of? Are they free trade? Sustainable? What countries were they made in? I think potential buyers (like myself) would want to know these things before making a purchase.

    • Hello Claudia,
      Thank you for your interest in World Beyond War. The scarves are 56″ x 20″ and made of light weight polyester chiffon. They are hand made to order from a company in China called RobePlus. I found this company through Etsy. That is all the information that I have. Here is a photo of me wearing one:

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