We’re campaigning to divest Philly from nukes. The following 5 financial institutions manage the city’s assets: Strategic Income Management, Lord Abbet High Yield, Fiera Capital, Ariel Capital Holdings, and Northern Trust. In total, these asset managers have over $11 billion invested in nukes. We’re urging the Philadelphia Board of Pensions to instruct these asset managers to exclude theĀ top nuclear weapons producers from its holdings. This divestment is of particular relevance, in light of the recent entry into force of the international nuclear ban treaty on January 22, 2021. It is timely for Philadelphia specifically, given the recent passage of a City Council resolution (210010, introduced by CM Katherine Gilmore Richardson), calling on the City of Philadelphia Pension Board to establish and adopt environmental social governance criteria in its investment policy statement.


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The War Machine refers to the massive, global U.S. military apparatus that operates thanks to an alliance between the arms industry and policy makers. The War Machine prioritizes corporate interests over human rights, military spending over diplomacy and aid, preparing for combat over preventing wars, and profit over human life and the health of the planet. In 2017, the CEOs of the top five U.S. weapons manufacturers collected salaries that totaled $96 million, while U.S. communities continue to struggle to provide basic services as federal support is slashed.


Divestment is a tool for grassroots-driven change. Divestment campaigns have been a powerful tactic starting with the movement to divest from South Africa during the apartheid. Divestment is how all of us – anyone, anywhere – can take local action against the death and destruction of war.


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