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Young Voices from War Zones to #NOWAR2019

By John Reuwer, World BEYOND War, October 24, 2019

Two of the many treats experienced during our time with World Beyond War members from all over the world in Limerick a few weeks ago, were video messages from young people in Africa and Afghanistan who know better than most of us, first-hand the pain and loss from wars that have consumed their societies.

Their experience is evident in their excitement to reach us with their pleas for us all to work together to end this horrific institution, even as they demonstrate the resilience of the human spirit overcoming unimaginable trauma.

Dr. Hakim, advisor to the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul, shared this beautiful appeal from his young friends to us to reconnect with each other even as we learn to reconnect with our home planet.

I am honored to share a second message from a pastor and his young friends in Yambio, South Sudan, whose church cares for orphans from war, even as he literally travels the bush (lawless backcountry) reconciling communities and the soldiers who have perpetrated atrocities of war. Listen to the words of the children who remind us why we need to build a world beyond war.

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  1. Gen Agustsson says:

    how about world veterans day? need to make it happen internationally and to be recognized!

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