Support CND’s London Rally to End Trident

From World Beyond War
To Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Dave Webb

We at World Beyond War will be encouraging our members in Britain to take part in the February 27th demonstration in London. This step of rejecting Trident would significantly advance the cause of outgrowing the madness of militarism. It would send the ideal message to the United States, which has been electing leaders who voice the popular demand to abolish nukes while investing over $1 trillion in making nuclear weapons more “usable.”

If we are to end war, we can start by ending the particular weapons that pose the greatest risk to human survival while providing the least value, even on their own terms, to imperialist and humanitarian promoters of war. In fact, we need more examples of nations ridding themselves of nuclear weapons entirely (including publicly insisting that the United States not hold its “nuclear umbrella” over them) in order to debunk claims that nukes are needed for safety.

People in the United States are counting on their brothers and sisters who first said no to bombing Syria in 2013 and who over the years have first said no to all sorts of imperialist activities. Say No to Trident. Know that people in at least 129 countries, inlcuding millions of people in the United States stand with you.

End it. Don’t Mend it!

David Swanson, director, World Beyond War

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