Pivot2Peace, South Georgian Bay Chapter of World BEYOND War

About Our Chapter

Our chapter raises awareness in our corner of the world that war is NOT inevitable, just, necessary, or beneficial. We want to lift the veil from people’s eyes about the $2 trillion of taxpayer money, worldwide, that goes into the war machine, and the good that money could do for our planet if redirected toward peace-making, education, and the environment. In other words, recognizing what Einstein said (that a problem cannot be fixed at the level of consciousness that created it), we want to raise our collective consciousness away from the tolerance of war, and toward the vision of a peaceful approach to resolving conflict.

We intend to do this by creating a fun, informative atmosphere for learning, networking, and activism; by encouraging 700 residents of South Georgian Bay to sign the Peace Pledge; and by creating a joyful, inspiring, and informative concert for World Peace Day on September 21.

Come join us! All levels of participation are welcome – from those who are curious and prefer to just observe, to those who want to actively DO.

Upcoming Events

Sept 30, Oct 28 and Nov 25: Monthly meetings, 7:00pm-8:30pm, Blueshores Clubhouse, 78 Waterfront Circle, Collingwood (RSVP to Dave Morton: dpmorton9@gmail.com)

Contact Us

Helen Peacock is the South Georgian Bay chapter coordinator.

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