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Journalist Hippolyte Eric Djounguep

My Odyssey in Africa In Search of Peace

History can give meaning to life and can give us a basis to fairly judge our present situation. The Ivorian people have their history and it is through it that we started the work of reconciliation, fundamental to the reconstruction of the country.

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Myth: War Is Necessary

Fact: Defense of freedom, democracy, and life itself, is better accomplished with nonviolent power. Only undemocratic domination over others requires violence and war. It has become uncommon for war makers to advertise their wars as desirable, and standard policy to

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War Impoverishes Us

War Impoverishes Us Fact Sheet War Impoverishes Us Resources War Impoverishes Us Articles The Basic Case: It’s common in the United States to hear supporters of war and of military spending, including numerous Congress Members, refer to military spending as

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War Threatens Our Environment

Sign up for the War and the Environment online course June 7 – July 18, 2021. War vs. Environment Fact Sheet War vs. Environment Resources War vs. Environment Articles The Basic Case: War and preparations for war are not just

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