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Planning for a Day of Peace

A few years back, prior to the International Day of Peace on September 21st, a school board member here in Virginia said that he would back a resolution marking that day as long as everyone understood that in doing so […]

The End of War

Online Actions For Gaza: Do Them All

We Must Hold Israel Accountable (Jewish Voice for Peace and CNN: Stop Unfair Coverage of Attacks on Gaza! (Code Pink) Contact Your Member of Congress (U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation) Help end Israel’s attacks on Gaza (The […]

People Are Mobilizing to Finally Put an End to the Disastrous U.S. Empire

People Are Mobilizing to Finally Put an End to the Disastrous U.S. Empire

AlterNet / By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers Photo Credit: Jacqueline Abromeit/ This is Part I of a two part series on American Empire. Part II will focus on the Empire Economy and how it is failing to work for […]

Is NZ violating the SIS Act over US drone strikes?

By Bob Rigg After decades of lively public debate, New Zealand abolished the death penalty for murder in 1961. It is not widely known that the death penalty for treason remained on the statute books until it was also abolished […]

World Peace Is a Local Issue

WORLD PEACE is a Local Issue from Dorothy Fadiman on Vimeo.

The Oxymoron of Peace

The Oxymoron of Peace

By Robert C. Koehler “At the same time, values and ideas which were considered universal, such as cooperation, mutual aid, international social justice and peace as an encompassing paradigm are also becoming irrelevant.” Maybe this piercing observation by Roberto Savio, […]

Tariq Khdeir’s Statement

“Hello everybody. Thank you so much for coming out tonight to welcome me home. It feels so good to be back in Tampa. I cannot even put it in words. I can’t wait to go back to play with my […]

WILPF Signs on With World Beyond War

WILPF Signs on With World Beyond War

We, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – United States Section (WILPFUS), have signed the Declaration of Peace organized by World Beyond War (, a new international coalition which represents “a global non-violent movement to end war and […]

100 Years of War – 100 Years of Peace and the Peace Movement, 1914 – 2014

By Peter van den Dungen Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. … It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. —Andrew Carnegie Since this is a strategy conference of the peace […]