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Tax Dollars at War

Based on a “Flashpoints” interview with Dennis Bernstein & Dave Lindorff.

Myth: War Is Inevitable (resources)

Myth: War Is Inevitable (resources)

Video and Audio: This video addresses the myth that humans are naturally violent: Book Discussion with Paul Chappell on The Art of Waging Peace. This 1939 antiwar cartoon from MGM gives some indication of how mainstream opposition to war was at the time. […]

Myth: War Is Inevitable (detail)

Myth: War Is Inevitable (detail)

If war were inevitable, there would be little point in trying to end it. If war were inevitable, a moral case might be made for trying to lessen its damage while it continued. And numerous parochial cases could be made […]

World Beyond War

World Beyond War is a global nonviolent movement to fully end the institution of war and establish a just and sustainable peace.

Security Without War

Militarism has made us less safe, and continues to do so.  It is not a useful tool for protection. Other tools are. Studies over the past century have found that nonviolent tools are more effective in resisting tyranny and oppression and resolving conflicts […]

The Success of Nonviolent Civil Resistance: Erica Chenoweth

Between 1900-2006, campaigns of nonviolent civil resistance were twice as successful as violent campaigns. Erica will talk about her research on the impressive historical record of civil resistance in the 20th century and discuss the promise of unarmed struggle in […]

Gene Sharp: How to Start a Revolution

How to Start a Revolution is a BAFTA award winning British documentary film about Nobel Peace Prize nominee and political theorist Gene Sharp, described as the world’s foremost scholar on nonviolent revolution. The film describes Sharp’s ideas, and their influence […]

The Resource Center

The Resource Center

Check out upcoming events. And resources for events. Videos, Articles, Books, Etc. Flags, shirts, mugs, scarves, books, hats, etc. Find or create a local chapter. Prezi on getting involved with WBW. Join this listserve. Send this email to all your […]

Abolish War Campaign

We are developing a strategy to end all war and all preparedness for war and all armaments. Contact us with your ideas, projects, and campaigns. Please do this: Find someone who believes that war cannot or should not be entirely ended. Ask […]

Myth: War Is Beneficial

Myth: War is Beneficial Fact: The profits gained by a few weapons manufacturers and the temporary power gained by politicians who promote wars are so miniscule compared to the suffering of both victims and victors, and the damage to the […]