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Drones 101

Michael Nagler, PhD – Metta Roadmap to Nonviolence – WWFOR Seabeck 2014

No to War in Gaza and Afghanistan

No to War in Gaza and Afghanistan

  On the 8th of July 2014, during the fasting month of Ramadan, the Israeli government began yet another military offensive on the people of Gaza. By the 4th day, they had already killed 105 Palestinians, including at least 23 […]

Make or Visit a Peace Garden

Thank you to Michael Maybury for turning us onto this idea. He’s working on creating a peace garden in Portsmouth, England. The University of Michigan – Flint has set up a peace garden. Here’s one in London. Here’s a Canadian-USian […]


By Peter van den Dungen ‘One of the eternal truths is that happiness is created and devel- oped in peace, and one of the eternal rights is the individual’s right to live. The strongest of all instincts, that of self-preservation, […]

U.S. Out of Germany!

If Germany hasn’t had enough, we in the United States sure have. Despite the supposed ending of World War II, the U.S. still keeps over 40,000 armed soldiers permanently in Germany. Despite the ending of the Cold War, the U.S. […]

The Toxic Footprint of Syria’s War

By Pieter Both and Wim Zwijnenburg Syria’s ongoing civil war has already resulted in more than conservative estimates of 120,000 mortalities (including nearly 15,000 children) and has brought enormous destruction in cities and towns all over the country. Apart from […]

Peace Tourism

By PETER VAN DEN DUNGEN Introduction In the growing debate and literature about the contributions of tourism to peace, a particular aspect that has so far been largely ignored is ‘peace tourism’. This involves visits to places, at home and […]

Miriam Pemberton on Conversion from War to Peace Economy

A Comic Strip Against Violence

A Comic Strip Against Violence