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Killing for Peace

By Winslow Myers Since 9-11, the United States, by any objective assessment a globe-girdling military empire, has been sucked into an ongoing global civil war between brutal extremists (often fighting among themselves) and those, including us, they perceive as their […]

Victims of US Foreign Policy Deserve Our Votes

By Erin Niemela The 2014 general elections are around the corner and candidates are walking political tightropes in hopes of earning our votes. But, what if candidates had to earn the votes of all the people whose lives would be […]

The Cenotaph – Remembrance Sunday 9 November

The Cenotaph – Remembrance Sunday 9 November

Veterans For Peace UK Sunday 9 November 2014 1330 HRS Whitehall Place, London Facebook Event Page On Remembrance Sunday, Veterans For Peace UK will walk to The Cenotaph under the banner “NEVER AGAIN”. We will hold a ceremony at The Cenotaph to remember […]

Again the Peace Prize Not for Peace

Again the Peace Prize Not for Peace

The Nobel Peace Prize is required by Alfred Nobel’s will, which created it, to go to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies […]

Bruce Kent Tells History of Opposition to Nuclear Weapons


By David Rothauser Peace activists the world over march, demonstrate, sit-in, write-in, boycott and do civil disobedience – all to bring about an end to war making and a beginning for peace as a way of life. How many times […]

Spring of Luv: AntiWar Reenactment

International Day of Nonviolence in Afghanistan

International Day of Nonviolence in Afghanistan

By Dr Hakim Kabul–“I woke up with the blast of another bomb explosion this morning,” Imadullah told me. “I wonder how many people were killed.” Imadullah, an 18 year old Afghan Peace Volunteer, (APV), from Badakhshan, had joined me at […]

First 13 Years in Afghanistan Big Success, Next 10 Promise Joy and Prosperity

By David Swanson Here comes another October 7th, time once again for celebrating the International Day of Wars-Start-Easy-But-They’re-a-Bitch-to-End. That is, if we can spare a few moments away from celebrating the new wars we’re starting. On this date 13 years […]

Obama’s Orwellian War in Iraq