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The Case of Syria: Excerpt from “War No More: The Case for Abolition” by David Swanson

Syria, like Libya, was on the list cited by Clark, and on a similar list attributed to Dick Cheney by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in his memoirs. U.S. officials, including Senator John McCain, have for years openly expressed […]

The Case of Libya: Excerpt from “War No More: The Case for Abolition” by David Swanson

I think a bit of detail on a couple of specific cases, Libya and Syria, is justified here by the alarming tendency of many who claim they oppose war to make exceptions for particular wars, including these—one a recent war, […]

Drone Dissent Downed: US activists in dock for protests against UAVs

The jet that ate the Pentagon

More info at

Contest for Statements on What a World Beyond War Will Look Like

Contest for Best Slogan or Image in Support of Ending all War

Activist vs. Super Committee

Former Navy Commander Leah Bolger, Veterans for Peace, joins Thom Hartmann. Last year – a courageous war veteran gave a dose of reality and common sense to the infamous Congressional Supercommittee – and she was arrested for her actions. We’ll […]

UNAC Peace Conference Workshop – Occupying The Military Industrial Complex

Leah Bolger, David Swanson and Moderator Brian Kwoba lead a discussion about America’s dangerous and wrong-headed predilection to use illegal wars to solve problems and anti-war strategies their groups have used to convince the rest of America of the negative […]

The Evolution of a Global Peace System

Trends of the last 100 years leading to the evolution of a peace system – based on historian Kent Shifferd’s ‘From War to Peace’.

Is War Inevitable?

Introduction to the War Prevention Initiative by the Jubitz Family Foundation

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