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Presidential Griot

By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, July 2, 2020 PRESIDENTIAL GRIOT Sometimes memories smell like a dictator’s fart We once jived to our own shadows under the silver moon and our shadows danced along with us, we rhymed to the […]

Program 1033, the transfer of US military equipment to police

End The Transfer of US Military Equipment To Police (DOD 1033 Program)

June 30, 2020 Dear House Armed Services Committee Members: The undersigned civil, human rights, faith, and government accountability organizations, representing millions of our members across the country, write in support of ending the Department of Defense’s 1033 Program and associated […]

Free Webinar: Virtual Chapter Open House

July 2, 2020 On June 27, 2020, World BEYOND War hosted a “virtual chapter open house” with our chapter coordinators and members from around the world! World BEYOND War’s Executive Director David Swanson and Organizing Director Greta Zarro talked about […]

Bernie Sanders speaking about NDAA, June 2020

Cut The Bloated War Budget: An Open Letter to US Senators

June 29, 2020 Sixty-one organizations (including World BEYOND War) have come together to send an open letter to every member of the US Senate on behalf of Amendment 1788, introduced by Senators Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey. The amendment would […]

UN police

Presence of UN Police Associated With Nonviolent Protests in Post-Civil War Countries

From Peace Science Digest, June 28, 2020 Photo credit: United Nations Photo This analysis summarizes and reflects on the following research: Belgioioso, M., Di Salvatore, J., & Pinckney, J. (2020). Tangled up in blue: The effect of UN peacekeeping on […]

Some People in The Villages Oppose Racism and Violence

  By World BEYOND War and Veterans For Peace, June 30, 2020 While a presidential retweet has used a video from The Villages in Florida to stir up more trouble, two organizations based in The Villages, with large memberships there, […]

Talk Nation Radio: Nina Turner Says Wrap Your Mind Around How Much Is Spent on Military Industrial Complex

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 1, 2020 Nina Turner is the former national co-chair of the Bernie 2020 campaign. She is a former Ohio state senator, and a former professor of African American history. Nina Turner is currently […]

WBW News & Action: Moving Money from Killing to Living

War and the Environment: July 6 to August 16, 2020: This course starts soon and is rapidly filling up. Instructors will include: • World BEYOND War Co-Founder and Executive Director: David Swanson • Cutting-edge political activist and writer: Brent Patterson […]

The Russian Menace and the Dangers of Believing the New York Times

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, June 28, 2020 The New York Times claims that Russia offered to pay Afghans to kill U.S. (and allied) troops. It does not claim that any payments were made. It does not claim that […]

Hey Congress, Move the Money

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, June 28, 2020 The past month’s activism has changed a great deal. One thing it’s helped with is brushing aside the tired old argument over whether government should be big or small. In its […]