The goals of Move For Peace 2024 include:

  • Education: Raise awareness about the global movement to end all wars.
  • Action: Inspire and support people to learn about and contribute to the peace and anti-war movement.
  • Connection: Encourage and support global and local solidarity – transcending borders, sectors, and generations – uniting people around a common cause.
  • Donations. Raise funds to support the global movement to end all wars.

War impacts everyone, albeit in different ways, and whether we realise it or not.

Therefore, the Move For Peace Challenge is inclusive and welcomes all individuals, families, communities, and organisations to participate.

Here are several ways to participate in Move for Peace 2024.

1) Share your peace movements:

Every time you walk, jog, run, cycle, row, use a wheelchair, or engage in any activity that moves you forward, document it and send it to us to share widely. These activities can be undertaken in-person or virtually, as part of a group or individually, at designated times or whenever suits you best.

Important! Please upload photos and videos of your peace-promoting movements by clicking on this link. When you submit, please remember to provide: Name – Date – Location – Distance – Activity

2) Purchase to support the cause:

To aid you in your personal and/or collective challenges, we’ve designed unique merchandise that not only looks stylish but also raises awareness about the peace movement: Link to visit the Move For Peace Shop and make a purchase.

3) Contribute by making a donation:

To assist us in connecting and supporting more pro-peace and anti-war educators and activists around the world, we welcome your donations, if possible. Every contribution means a lot to us.  Kindly donate here.  When making your donation, please specify that you’d like your contribution to support the Move for Peace 2024 Challenge.

4) Spread the word:

To help us in reaching and engaging with a broader audience, we invite you to share details about this initiative. You can do this via various strategies and platforms, both digital and traditional, and by encouraging others to visit the webpage: Move For Peace 2024.

The extent and frequency of involvement will vary depending on individual circumstances. While some people may challenge themselves to run a marathon in 2024, others may set different goals. Experience suggests that setting targets that are both challenging and realistic is an effective strategy. For instance:

  • Complete a 10-mile challenge in April, with each mile symbolising a year of WBW’s work to end war.
  • Get active for 10 minutes each throughout May, with each minute symbolising a year of WBW’s work to end war.
  • Complete 100 movements within the year, signifying the number of civilians that die each day in armed conflicts.
  • Achieve a total of 102 miles in a year, reflecting the approximate number of seconds that each person dies in war.
  • Participate in 196 hours of movement throughout the year, representing the number of countries we aspire to be free from war.

The benefits of participating in Move for Peace 2024 include:

  • Engagement in physical activity, which can help improve physical and psychological well-being.
  • Contributing to personal and collective goals while influencing broader learning and change.
  • Participation and representation in the global movements to end all wars.
  • Recognition on WBW’s social media platforms and relevant challenge materials.
  • Participation in WBW’s virtual end-of-year challenge celebration event.
  • Facilitating change by raising funds to support WBW in its work to build a world free of war.

While several events will be coordinated throughout the year, people can engage at their convenience and own pace, either in person or from the comfort of their homes.

Move For Peace Challenge 2024 - athletes surrounding the word "peace"

Join the Movement to End War,
One Movement and One Donation at a Time!

Thank you for visiting the Move For Peace webpage.  Here, you will find important information about Move For Peace 2024.

About Move For Peace 2024!

War is peace and development in reverse. Currently, 1 in 4 people live in areas affected by war or armed conflict. Among other things, war is:

  • The leading cause of death, injury, and trauma
  • The cause of the risk of nuclear apocalypse
  • The leading destroyer of the natural environment
  • The top cause of the refugee and the debt crisis
  • The primary justification for government secrecy and authoritarianism
  • And the main impediment to global cooperation on global crises

Move For Peace 2024 is designed to make a supportive contribution to the global nonviolent movement to end all wars. It invites people to walk, jog, run, cycle, row, use a wheelchair, or any form of movement that moves them forward. These activities represent not only physical motions but also individual & collective efforts moving us towards a world beyond war.

Share images and videos

Please upload your image(s) or video(s) and label them in the following format: 

Name – Date – Location – Distance – Activity.


For instance:

Muyi Yang – April 17, 2024 – China (East Lake in Wuhan) – 5 km – Running

Omid Wali from Afghanistan – April 6, 2024 – Birmingham (England) – 3.2 miles- Cycling

David Swanson – April 16, 2024 – USA (Bishop’s Peak in San Luis Obispo, California) – 4 mile – Hiking

Phill Gittins – March 25, 2024 – Napoli (Italy) – 12 miles – Walking

Example Uploads

As you prepare to document and upload your movements, here are a few examples to give an idea of what your uploads might look like.

Omid Wali (from Afghanistan)  – April 6, 2024 – Birmingham (England) – 3.2 miles- Cycling

Phill Gittins – March 16, 2024 – Oswestry/Old Race Course (England) – 9 miles – Running

Phill Gittins – March 25, 2024 – Napoli (Italy) – 12 miles – Walking

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