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Korea for a World BEYOND War is organized by country coordinator, Emanuel Yi Pastreich.

Emanuel Pastreich is director of the Asia Institute in Seoul and associate professor at the College International Studies of Kyung Hee University. His current research is divided between his work on technology and its impact on society and the impact of the Chinese literary tradition in Korea and Japan. Pastreich founded the Asia Institute in 2007, a think tank that coordinates research between experts in Asia and the rest of the world on the intersection of technology, the environment and international relations.

Pastreich has written articles about the environment, technology, globalization, international relations and business in Asia for such journals as Japan Focus, Foreign Policy in Focus, and the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies. He has published six books including The Novels of Park Jiwon: Translation of Overlook Worlds (Seoul National University Press) & The Observable Mundane: Vernacular Chinese and the Emergence of a Discourse on Popular Narrative in Edo Japan (Seoul National University Press).

Previously, Pastreich served as Director of the policy think tank KORUS House (2005-2007), which he founded, at the Korean Embassy in Washington D.C. where he was best known for its lecture series on East Asian politics and business. He was also editor-in-chief of the official on-line newspaper of the Korean Overseas Information Service “Dynamic Korea.”

Pastreich has a B.A. in Chinese literature from Yale University (1987), Master’s Degree in comparative culture from the University of Tokyo (1992) and a Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University (1997). He is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, French and Korean.

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